3 Ways to Protect Your Metal Roof from Harsh Weather

Harsh weather can mean Fort Worth roof repair. No one wants to see their home damaged by bad weather but it happens and the costs can be terrible. However if you know what steps to take to help protect your home’s roof you could just avoid extra expenses. The following are three easy ways to allow you to keep a metal roof safe during the bad winter months.

Carry Out Regular Inspections

When you know the bad weather season is approaching it is time for you to play inspector. You should carefully inspect the condition of your metal roof and see if it requires any Forth Worth roofing repairs; hopefully it won’t but just in case there are any issues, ensure they are fixed immediately. Immediate repairs stop the problems from getting worse; though in most cases, metal roofs are extremely durable and don’t often damage easily. If you do not wish to carry out an inspection yourself, you could always ask a home inspector to do so. This will be worth it to protect your metal roofing.

Ensure Suitable Vents Have Been Installed

One very gusty burst of wind and your metal roof could rip right off. Usually metal roofs are put in danger due to poor ventilation. Vents absolutely must be installed so that there is sufficient room for the wind to pass through. Of course, the cold won’t actually enter the home but rather pass through the vents keeping the roof safe. Fort Worth roof repair can be very expensive so if you do all you can to minimize damage you can avoid a hefty bill. Proper ventilation is crucial and when the metal roof is being installed you need to be one hundred percent sure it has vents to stop future issues.

Clean the Gutters Every Month

One of the worst Fort Worth roofing issues commonly seen today is down to the guttering. If the gutters are not cleaned on a regular basis they can cause a lot of problems. When debris is allowed … [Read the rest]


Roof Repair

No matter how well your house was built, a dirty or stained roof can completely ruin its beauty and elegance. As the roofs are exposed to adverse environmental conditions daily, such as rain, heat and sunlight, they easily become discolored.

Discoloration along with the growth of mold, mildew and algae, can actually create an unpleasant appearance and make your home look worn and old. Therefore, your roof requires regular cleaning to maintain that ‘new look’, as well as any other parts of your home. Here are some tips on how to clean tiles.

How to clean roof shingles

To clean the tiles, first of all you have to get on the roof. You will basically require a pressure washer to clean the roof tiles completely. Cleaning tiles is not that difficult, but you have to be very careful not to slip or fall while doing it. It is better to have someone, a friend or close relative, in case if you need any kind of help. Once you are ready to start with the cleaning session, just keep pressure washer a few centimeters above the roof and then spray it to remove all dirt and algae that have accumulated so far. Also, use a broom to scrub the dirtiest areas of the roof.

If you have rain guttering installed on your roof, then push the dirt and debris into the gutter, with the help of the pressure washer. But if you have not installed a rain gutter so far, then deposit the debris in one end of the roof and then send it to the floor. If the shingles of your roof are not very dirty, then the water would be enough to clear them. However, if stubborn stains developed on them, then you may need the help of some cleaning post here!

Chlorine to clean roof shingles

Chlorine bleach is a product effective for cleansing, particularly for removing mold and mildew. So you can use this product to get rid of mold and mildew stains tiles on … [Read the rest]


Roof Repair Fort

Good design and the right materials prevent trouble

A number of problems tend to speed up the need for roof maintenance. The correct sizing of the structure ensures that it supports the weight of the cover and will not bring headaches, such as sagging or splitting beams, rafters or battens. Each type of tile requires different trims which are supplied by the manufacturer. Missing this item can cause an accumulation of ponding which causes serious leaks. In some cases, the output is to revise or replace the entire structure. Another precaution is to see if there is compatibility between the tiles.

Although there are certain standards, it is possible to find different measurements in certain brands offered by some manufacturers, or even differences in the parts of the same batch. For a safer purchase, it is worth choosing tiles certified by bodies that are well known in the country where you are from, in this case Fort Worth, Texas, USA.

1) Wooden Structure

Designed by engineers, they are responsible for supporting the roof and can consist of scissors, beams, rafters or battens. Like a jigsaw puzzle, every part must fit perfectly. The greatest enemy of timber, however, are termites. Without the right pre-treatment, they can munch through and destroy almost any type of wood in a short space of review here!

Once you find termites in your wood, the only way of removing them properly is by hiring the services of a specialized company, which can be expensive.

What’s more, depending on the size of the problem, the entire framework of the roof may need to be ripped down and replaced – not a nice thing to have to do. Therefore, treatment against termites before the roof goes up is vital. The structure is also at risk from other problems, such as rot caused by contact with water or becomes warped, which can happen when some parts of the roof were designed or installed incorrectly.

In this case, call an engineer, because the structure may be … [Read the rest]


Repair a Mobile Home Roof

Mobile home roofs tend to leak because of temperature changes and adverse weather conditions. You will know your mobile home has a leak if you see damp patches, mold or stains on your ceiling. It is important to repair a leaky roof before fixing the stains caused by leaks in your home.

It is often difficult to identify where the roof leak is located, because the hole may be a small space between the flashing and the roof. You will need to check the whole roof completely and use the materials needed to repair the leak. The sooner you do this the better. This is indeed the first step in order to solve the issue and have a nice and tidy home ready for all seasons.

Understanding the roofs on mobile homes


Conduct an inspection of the roof. If you find a leak in your mobile home, you should have a good indication of where to focus your roof inspection. Old mobile homes normally have a metal roof. The roof on the newer models often consists of rubber. When you run the scan, look for rust, holes or cracks in the material.view website at

Before re-roofing your home, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the surface of sap, dust, dirt, bird droppings and other debris. Furthermore, it is necessary to remove rust and nails and screws, if they are visible. Cleaning a metal roof is also possible using a homemade mix of one part bleach and 3 parts water. For rubber, the best approach is to avoid using chemicals or solvents. A mixture of water and a mild detergent is the safe choice. Allow the surface to dry completely before proceeding with repairs.


Caulk all the cracks. In general, it is advisable to prepare seals, trim, openings and ledge surfaces with a special tape which is used to provide strength and support of the roof surface before coating. You must follow the manufacturer’s instructions for roof covering. Some products may require you to prime the surface before … [Read the rest]


Roof Repairs

Rain, rain and more rain, disaster never before seen in the history of several different countries all over the world: Could all of this be prevented? Well, predicting is a difficult thing, because it depends on numbers and statistics to arrive at an estimated result, but as the time best for our pocket is to prevent, or, if possible, at least, soften the consequences of impacts on our financial lives through good financial planning.

It is possible to find financial help to do roof repairs. However, you will end up having to pay for it in the end, and with interest, so will end up costing you even more money.

Financial planning is the best thing to have before actually fixing your roof

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How would you like to live the best years of your life? What’s more, how would you do it without financial resources? Will you have to depend on the help of friends or relatives, or even survive living on charity? Right now this, of course, seems something distant, but in addition to time passing very quickly, out of 10 people who currently retire in the world only one can live on their own resources – and that is a scary statistic.

Planning is essential and should be [Read the rest]